Bathshebaba (lil_ol_me87) wrote in justpope_motion,

Poetic musings

As promised (ages ago) here is my well exciting poem about Pius XII. I have hidden it away because its so blindingly good that, like ppor ol Saul/Paul on the road to Damscus, you might actually be blinded. And that would just be unfortunate.

Pius XII

Ubi caritas et amor
Where fire reddens a Roman sky
Peter casts his eyes down and denies
His own reflection in a marble floor

Deus ibi est
In Via Rasella the stucco is full of holes
But all that burns in the stone-clad stillness
Is incense softening the scent of death

Simul ergo cum in unum congregamur
The crowds still flock into St Peter’s square
As wagons pass through the unflinching hills
Bearing yet more lambs fattened for the slaughter

Ne nosa mente dividamur, caveamus
Let all be drowned out by exultant hymns
Preserving Holy stones and Human sin
Placing all else with Him in whom we trust

Cessent iurgia maligna, cessent lites
Hold back the Red tide flowing from the East
Entertain rather Judas at the feast
Than tear the living Christ down from his cross

Et in medio nostri sit Christus Deus
Raises a chalice to unmoving lips
Reciting like a pilgrim as he sips
A silent prayer for those that have been lost

For greater good. Deus vult.

Hope you enjoyed. Go in peace etc
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Oh, awesome. I especially love Is incense softening the scent of death. Thanks so much for sharing!


April 9 2005, 17:19:24 UTC 13 years ago