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Just Pope Motion [entries|friends|calendar]
Just Pope Motion

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[09 Apr 2005|09:30pm]

[ mood | :( ]


The Pope died.

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Poetic musings [23 Mar 2005|08:20pm]

As promised (ages ago) here is my well exciting poem about Pius XII. I have hidden it away because its so blindingly good that, like ppor ol Saul/Paul on the road to Damscus, you might actually be blinded. And that would just be unfortunate.
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Hope you enjoyed. Go in peace etc
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[10 Mar 2005|11:17pm]

[ mood | cooky ]

Ima claim two popes this here day, ya hear? *h'yuck! h'yuck*

Pope Numero Uno: is Pope #46 ~ St. Hilarius (461-68)

Pope Numero Duo: is quite possibly the coolest Pope in town, that being Pope #87, Pope Sinissius
Pope Sinissius is da man, not only because of his name (dude, Sisinnius. You can't argue with it). But because of his bio. Sinissius was Pope for a honkin' three weeks. And the best snippet is as follows: "Although he was so afflicted with gout that he was unable even to feed himself, he is nevertheless said to have been a man of strong character, and to have been able to take thought for the good of the city" Damn that gout. And also I suppose I could claim Pope Tina. Just because she's sort of cool, besides for the fact that she just referred to my lover as "eww". But we can look past that.

Anyway. That be all.

*Popes forever!*

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[10 Mar 2005|09:31pm]

Argh they're all SO exciting....can I have Paul VI because he was really nice and Pius XII because he really really wasn't. One for each side of my personality kinda thing. I actually wrote a poem called Pius XII which I may post here at some point (see i'm a 100% genuine pope freak)
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I am an awful person. [16 Jan 2005|01:58pm]

[ mood | quiet ]

Therefore, I would like to get the ball rolling and stake my claim on Pope Gregory X, the father of the Inquisition, and an all around groovy dude. Because of him, the world was given the wonderful gift of the totally hardcore Bernardo Gui. Thanks Greg! You're an inspiration to us all.

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